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This Privacy Policy describes the way in which information is collected and used by the Meladerm Canada website.
We mention that the information we collect is kept highly confidential, undisclosed with any third party companies or individuals, and it is utilized to improve the user’s experience with the website, as well as for security purposes.

Collected Information:

Through the website, the company can acquire access to information such as names, email addresses, IP addresses or technical data collected for the purpose of improving performance; including the type of platform and browser used by visitors and clients using the website, and the version of the browser.
Statistical data is also collected on a regular basis, such as the number of times a certain page was accessed by a specific user, as well as the URL of the website from which the user has clicked through to the Meladerm Canada site.

Information provided by cookies – small files storing location and language information, as well as additional technical data on your computer – may also be collected. If you wish to opt out of cookies, simply follow the required instructions for turning off cookies in your browser.

Use of Personal Information

We never share your email, IP address or other purposely provided personal information with third parties, nor any additional technical data or performance related information send through cookies or logged directly by our website through scripts.

Email addresses, IPs and other personal information can be used for security and statistical purposes. We may use your email address to send updates on future offers or information on the products presented on the website, while the statistical personal data collected will be maintained at the highest level of privacy, our technicians merely using it for performance improvement or security purposes, if needed.

Some of the additional information may be used to provide you with a better experience while browsing our website. For instance, frequently visited pages can be used to determine ad preferences, while technical data may be utilized for statistical purposes in order to improve the performance and quality level of the website as a whole.

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