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All the information and resources supplied by this website should be regarded as purely informational in nature, and should not be viewed as any type of medical advice.

The insight about the possible benefits and health related risks associated with the disorders and treatment methods mentioned on the website are not to be regarded as a substitute for professional healthcare information. Moreover, you should never replace a face-to-face consultation provided by a qualified medical professional with information found on this site.

For sound medical advice and support relating to any of the products or disorders that have been mentioned on the website, please consult a licensed medical doctor, or visit your local dermatology clinic.

Products and Limitation of Liability

All products and warranty offers, as well as claims as to the reliability and safety of the products are made by Civiant, and the sole purpose of this website is to relay and review that information, while facilitating the products’ purchase.

Also, please note that Meladerm Canada retains no liability involving any damage, injuries or negative side effects that could occur as a result of using any of the products presented on our website.

Please contact your physician, and ask for pertinent advice prior to using any of the skincare products provided on the Meladerm Canada website.

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