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Meladerm Canada - Common Questions about Liver Spots
Common Questions about Liver Spots 

Commonly referred to as sun spots or age spots, liver spots have nothing to do with the patient’s liver or any liver related conditions.  On the contrary, these spots usually have an exterior cause – most commonly in the form of the environment’s impact on aging skin, particularly in the case of overexposure to the sun.

Whether you have age spots or not, it’s always a good idea to take the necessary precautions and arm yourself with the knowledge required to determine whether you have them, what can cause their formation and how to properly counter them.

Who Is Most at Risk for Contracting Them?

Although anyone can be at risk for developing liver spots, some factors can contribute in making them more likely to occur in certain individuals, rather than others.

People with fair skin who are older than 40-45 years of age are usually the ones who are most at risk to getting these dark spots on their skin. Also, it doesn’t help if sensitive skin runs in the family or if you have a frequent history of sun exposure or the use of tanning beds.

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Are There any Common Symptoms?

Equally important, the answer to this question can help you determine whether or not you have age spots. The main symptoms that doctors will warn you about usually include:

  • Painless skin with no itching or other bothersome symptoms;
  • Darker hues (most commonly tan or brown), as well as similar skin texture to the rest of the skin;
  • Well-defined round or oval areas where spots develop;
  • Liver spots are most commonly found on areas of the skin most often exposed to sunlight or other type of UV light (for instance from frequently using tanning salons).
What Are the Main Treatments for Getting Rid of the Spots?

Treating age spots is not necessary, since they pose no threat or danger to your health. However, if you are displeased with their appearance, there are a number of useful products and procedures you can consider using to fade or even eliminate them completely.

Bleaching creams are most often prescribed by medical professionals as an easy and affordable way of getting rid of these spots. Also, some over-the-counter creams and products may be available, but you should always check with your doctor prior to using them. Meladerm  is the #1 Skin lightening formula available without a prescription and is proven to effectively reduce or eliminate the appearance of age spots
Liver Spots Before and After Using Meladerm
Laser treatment, chemical peels, cryosurgery (freezing age spots with liquid  nitrogen) and dermabrasion – for sanding off affected areas of the skin – are probably the most effective, however, somewhat more costly treatments for removing liver spots if you don’t want to wait for bleaching creams to come into effect.
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