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What Does Being 100% PURE Really Mean to Canadians

100% is just a stat or figure for many of us. It’s not something quantifiable, nor is it an icon of greatness - it represents an idea. 13 years ago, Susie Wang, Ric Kostick, and James Wang started a business intending to assist and cultivate this ideal with a personal care product line; something that could evolve, grow, and preserver over time. 100% PURE’s ideal empowers customers to make educated choices about what they consume via responsible formulations and mindful chemistry.

Rather than selecting easily accessible or cheap synthetic ingredients, we have maintained the purity of our formulas by making the process as easy as possible. We begin in nature: what evolves with natural benefits? What warrants minimal modifications? With regards to cosmetics and skin care, ingredients that accommodate these regulars are the purist.

Ingredient Processing Method

Staying completely natural is echoed in our stern process of formulation. Once a product is conceived, Susie Wang collaborates with production groups to tweak the formula so that it falls within the 100% PURE brand standard. The list of ingredients are adjusted and changed until the Product Development staff can verify that the sole chemical modification allowed during a product’s formulation is naturally biological. Filtering out what is non-biological (synthetic) is how we keep our formulas pure. 

Our non-synthetic formulation process is apparent in our vast fruit pigmented® cosmetic line. At the peak of their freshness, fruits are freeze-dried to preserve their naturally bright pigments. Such fruits are then crushed and integrated with wholesome plant oils to produce substantially pigmented makeup tones, which are naturally vitamin enriched and skin-friendly. Rather than depending on iron oxides that are synthetically processed and heavy metal-laden, we produce a much safer option to formulate 100% PURE color cosmetics.

Responsible and Ethical Practices

Although we take the ingredient purity standard quite seriously, we also are adamant about using cruelty-free ingredients. No animals are hurt during the production or sourcing of any ingredients we use; many brands merely evaluate their completed products by the cruelty-free standard. We go the extra mile by making sure that all ingredients are cruelty-free. We think that ethically, responsibly-sourced ingredients are symbiotic with the ultimate purity standard in our products.

Besides formulating responsibly, we practice charity and environmental stewardship as well. We are situated in San Jose and operate on 100% solar power; we use biodegradable or recycled packing materials, and our formulas are 180-day biodegradable. We have contributed to several charities, such as PETA, Leaping Bunny, Farm Sanctuary, Shark Stewards, and Furry Friends Rescue. The practice of community and environmental empathy is another symbiotic strand inside our ethos of providing natural, 100% PURE products using environmentally conscious and responsible approaches.
100% PURE® refrains from the use of thickeners or water to cheapen, expand or dilute formulas.

Typically, water is used as the initial (dominant) ingredient in the majority of hair, skin, and body products. Rather than water, 100% PURE utilizes helpful organic aloe juice, organic teas, organic floral hydrosols, and sake (organic fermented rice water). It is common practice to utilize thickeners to add volume/expansion for the sake of making cheaper formulas. However, cheap fillers never dilute 100% PURE® formulas. Each added ingredient is chosen because of the benefits it contributes.


We are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint throughout all aspects of our company. This is shown when we manufacture our products (biodegradable formulas), how our products are packaged (recyclable/recycled packaging, biodegradable packing material derived from corn starch), our printing process (soy and non-toxic inks), and how we landscape, too (condensation obtained from our roof waters drought-resistant plants). Our place of business is completely solar powered. Overall, we extend this emphasis on sustainability in all aspects of 100% PURE®.

Due to growing demand from Canadian consumers 100% Pure is proud to announce that we now ship our products Canada-wide and we also prepay the customs and duty fees so you don't have to, we also offer free shipping on all orders over $99, so why not join the thousands of Canadians who are experiencing the wonderful benefits and gorgeous skin achieved with 100% Pure Cosmetics & beauty products!
How 100% PURE is Measured

  • We have developed a standard for pure using principles established by our founders, and have enhanced our brand within such standards. Keeping these responsibilities and beliefs in mind, our formula defines what 100% PURE is all about; rather than using our brand to quantify things, we use it as a standard to establish how we run our company, how we produce goods, and how we engage with the environment day-in and day-out. This makes our options simpler, whether they entail fruition or conception, and keeps ourselves in check for the sake of producing the healthiest personal care products out there.

  • 100% PURE® CANADA is more than just our ingredients and name. It is a dedication to make the purest cosmetics in Canada, and to stimulate healthier, cleaner lifestyles. Our dedication to an enhanced environment can be attributed to results-driven, potent products that will assist you in living an improved life; you won’t have to pick between healthy results or healthy skin and safe ingredients ever again.

  • Fruits and vegetables pigment each of our products. 100% PURE® does not use carmine or artificial colors.

  • Along with other ingredients, vitamins that are water soluble oxidize, which makes the ingredient(s) less potent as they are converted into free radicals, which are harmful to the skin. Susie Wang, one of the founders of 100% PURE®, says that her initial patent revolved around the stabilization of active ingredients to prevent oxidation. Since then, they have improved their invention, which is currently patent-pending.

  • Natural scents tend to originate from essential oils, which are restricted to specific citruses, herbs, and flowers. To bypass restriction, we use the same technology manufacturers of food use to produce "natural flavors" that isolate aromas while developing a vaster array of "natural fragrances."

  • To send nutrients into the skin, the active ingredients are encapsulated with hyaluronic acid, which is pulled into the skin for optimal hydration and total absorption. 

100% Pure Canada Mission Statement
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